Born and raised in Coastal Massachusetts, Oomah migrated to Denver in 2011. To attend The University of Colorado Denver to study music. Since than Jake Hall has obtained a Bachelors degree in audio engineering. Through his college career he he took advantage of the opportunitys presented in the city of Denver and at the University.  Performing at notable events such as The Denver Silent Film festival, Tedx youth, and Tedx events,  as well as accompanying Todd Rundgrin with a group of digital pioneers known as CU Denver’s Mobile Device ensemble.  The sonic landscape that Oomah created is a synthesis of place, self, collaboration and emotion. After gaining success in high school under the alias “Miniweapon”(2009), Jake Hall decided to pursue Oomah a project Extricated from the motives of main stream EDM, something he felt was “more connected.” In his words “I wanted to make something personal, something that was an extension of myself. I didn’t want to keep trying to create a product, because it didn’t feel right to try and force my art. I will make a banger if It feels right or I will make something mellow if that’s how i’m feeling.  I felt If I continue doing something solely because I love it, it will support me with joy and the gratification of doing what I love, and making others happy in the process.” To quantify the sound of Oomah imagine the sounds of Lapalux, thrifworks, and russ liquid. Then imagine them all doing a tune together, somewhere in the middle you would find Oomah. His use of jazz chords, big etherial pads, and crunchy gear churning percussion create a musical journey of intrigue, groove, and relaxation.

























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