Collab EP with WHITE ROBOT

For the past year I have been working in the studio with my buddy Rob Brandon  AKA White robot creating music, exchanging production ideas, and just getting stoked about the world of electronic music that we love so dearly. Today It is my pleasure  to announce that we will be releasing a three song EP within the next two months (just waiting for the final artwork). So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open because “digital Roots” is gonna be a game changer =).

Much love,


Emancipator Remix Contest

So I took the time to enter the Emancipator a remix contest.  I was originally doing a remix with a friend but he decided to bail… So I did my own!!! I used some of my beatboxing to help craft this track, and really give it a unique and personal touch. This is also the first tune that I used my Roland SPD SX to track the drums via midi.  The winner should be announced shortly so wish me luck and enjoy!!!

Shoutout to my roommate Zonra (Soundcloud), for crafting some of his fantastic glitch work into the track.


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Cheers! Oomah